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Top Ten Blockbusters you can't miss

By 4th ESO B


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Do you have plans for the weekend? 4th of ESO students love movies and have some advice for you. These are 10 of the blockbusters they chose as the ones they鈥檇 recommend. Sit back and enjoy the show!

鈥    Number 1 : TITANIC by Cristina Par铆s

Titanic is the name of the liner where the main story takes place. It鈥檚 the romantic story of Jack and Rose, a young rich woman travelling with her fianc茅e. Jack is a young man who won a ticket for the Titanic, a new and revolutionary ship on its first trip to America. Based on real facts, The movie has the biggest number of Oscar awards in history and one of the best soundtracks ever!

鈥    Number 2: THE AVENGERS:THE AGE OF UTRON By Jaime Berzal

The avengers, a group of super heroes discovered some technology that could be used to create robots that can think and protect the world. But the robot turned evil and escaped. ..The movie reminds us of Frankenstein. Science-fiction elements, lots of action and great special effects.

鈥    Number 3: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by Marta Red贸n

The fault in our stars is a teenage love story that cancer won鈥檛 make possible. It鈥檚 an adaptation from a book written by John Green. The movie is about Hazel Grace and Augustus, two cancer patients that fall in love and spend their last days together. Sad but touchy!

鈥    Number 4: UNTOUCHABLE by Rafa Panadero

Untouchable is a thought-provoking film that was filmed in Paris. The main story line focuses on the friendship between a disabled man and his helper, a low class black man. The film starts and finishes with the same scene and shows how, although the two main characters are really different, humans have so many things in common. Two thumbs up!!

鈥    Number 5: THE DEPARTED by Pablo Corral

My favorite movie is The departed. Leonardo DiCaprio is the main character, a policeman doing some undercover work inside a mafia. It鈥檚 a thrilling story set in Boston in the 1950s. The best scene is the one where the police set a trap to catch one of the gangsters. Intriguing and exciting!!

鈥    Number 6:  X-MEN ORIGINS by Juan Carlos Manzano

X-men Origins is the last movie I have seen and one of my favorites. It combines sci-fi elements with action and special effects. The main character is Logan, a man with special powers that help him regenerate when being hurt or wounded. It鈥檚 a very good movie, with fantastic special effects and great actors. If you like action movies, this is your movie!

鈥    Number 7: THE NOTEBOOK by Sara Palomares

The notebook is the classical chick-flick. It鈥檚 set in a rural area in the United States during the 1930s. The two lovers- the modern version of Romeo and Juliet- try to fight against an unfair society, against social status and prejudices. I think the end teaches us that true love always wins!!

鈥    Number 8: STAR WARS.  REVENGE OF THE SITH by Alex Gorriz

The revenge of the Sith is one of the six brilliant movies of STAR WARS. The saga focuses on the war between the Dark Side and the Jedi. It鈥檚 a sci-fi movie set in a far away imaginary galaxy. The heroes of the movie are the Jedies (Obione and Anakin are their leaders) and the antiheroes, the Siths. The special effects are amazing and the soundtrack is awesome, it鈥檚 not only a blockbuster..It鈥檚 a masterpiece!

鈥    Number 9 : NOW YOU SEE ME by Elena Castro

Now you see me is a film about four wizards that do spectacular tricks that usually get them into trouble. Although it鈥檚 a very intriguing film, it鈥檚 sometimes difficult to follow and the end is too predictable. However, I鈥檇 recommend it because it鈥檚 entertaining.

鈥    Number 10: : 007 CASINO ROYALE by I帽igo Lorente

The movie is called 007 Casino Royale because the main character is a secret agent called James Bond whose secret number is 007. James Bond works for the British government and travels around the world chasing criminals. I really liked the movie, first of all because it has a good script and secondly because the main character is played by Daniel Craig, who is a good actor that has made many other good movies.

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