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Let´s make Lemonade!


In second grade, we are learning about how raw materials come to be the finished products that we can buy in the supermarkets and other shops. We have learned that raw materials come from nature, and that many times they are taken to the factories to be turned into something else useful for our everyday lives. We have also learned about the people that work with these materials like the farmers, the fishermen, the lumberjacks, the factory workers and the shopkeepers. We wanted to know what it felt like to do their jobs, so we decided to do a little experiment in our APH (Advanced Placement Humanities) class. We made lemonade!

We pretended to be farmers and gathered some raw materials, lemons and water, and then we pretended to be factory workers and squeezed the lemons and mixed them with water and sugar. Then we pretended to be shopkeepers and went around the school “selling” our lemonade to other teachers (only after trying it ourselves, of course!)

Now we know how the process really works, and all the work that goes into the food and other things that we can buy at the store!

Authors: The 2th graders SLG and Claire Ellins, APH Teacher - Colegio San Luis Gonzaga Majadahonda


Here you can see the pictures showing you the whole process!

The materials we needed to make the lemonade:

We had to cut the lemons (Claire helped us):

Then we had to squeeze the lemons to make juice:

Then we had to mix the sugar with the hot water:

Then we mixed the lemon juice with the sugar water and stirred some more!:

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