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Have you ever met a person who is as happy as Larry even in the worst moments? That’s Marta. She is always smiling and making people laugh.

Marta looks like a normal teenager. She’s tall, thin and she has got short, black hair. She is too shy to talk to peope she doesn’t know, but when we are alone with our friends she is very easy-going. She is such a stubborn person that one day we got lost because she thought that she knew the way back home. Marta is also very reliable and friendly, so when I have a problem she helps me to find a solution.

How many people do you know whose best talent is to sleep? Well, as you can see, Marta is a very special girl. She could be sleeping all day! Probably this is not a common talent, but I think that it is the best one because, unlike other teenagers or peers that may be at parties or doing things they shouldn’t be doing, she is at home sleeping. Marta doesn’t have any idea about cooking or playing any sports. She sings as badly as a cat and she’s not the best painter ever. At this point  of the article you may be thinking: Why is this girl special? Does she know how to do something useful? Well, she does. She’s the most hard-working person I’ve ever met. She is also very patient and clever. To top it off, she is a great writer, but she is too shy to let others read her stories

Marta may sometimes be narrow-minded, insecure, bossy or even bad-tempered, and she may have the most useless talent in the world, but she is friendly and funny, and when you get to know her, you will realise how special she is.

Author: Elena Martínez Torrijos, alumno de 3º ESO del Colegio Privado San Luis Gonzaga

Trabajo realizado en clase de Inglés a propuesta de la profesora Esther Alvarado.

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