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My brother


Have you ever met a maths genius? I’m not talking about people who are very good at maths. I’m talking about people who are absolutely awesome. That’s definitely my brother Pablo. He’s only 12 but he is already a maths genius.

Pablo is the tallest 12-year-old I know, but he is not as tall as me. As for his personality, he is a quiet person; he doesn’t talk much. He is one of the most down-to-earth persons I know because he never shows off the prizes he has won. He is a broad-minded person because he likes to learn about other cultures and religions. He is also reliable; you can always trust him. But, as all the geniuses, he has an untidy side. In fact, he is so untidy that his room looks like total chaos.

Pablo is a very intelligent and hard-working person, so he gets very good marks in all the subjects, but his talent is maths. Last year he went to a maths competition ten thousand people took part in and he won. He is the number one at maths in Comunidad de Madrid. He is so good that even the mayor has given him an award.

Pablo is very talented in maths, but he couldn’t have won the competition if he hadn’t practised a lot and worked very hard every day. That’s what all geniuses are made of: lots of hard work and a bit of talent.

Author: María Ruiz, alumna de 3º ESO del Colegio Privado San Luis Gonzaga

Trabajo realizado en clase de Inglés a propuesta de la profesora Esther Alvarado

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